Home business industry success indicators 


Home business industry is a part of internet marketing. It has expanded and made its mark on the world wide web.  Many entrepreneurs have carved out very profitable niches for themselves in the home business industry.  Yet not all of the millions of prospects who choose the home business industry as their vehicle of choice to conquer the web succeed. Over 97% fail.

The home business industry success indicators

How to spot the success stories in home business industry

Recently one afternoon, I was listening to master lead generation strategist Vince Reed. He was talking about the differences between top producers in the home business industry and the non-producers. He was to the point and right on!.  He claims, that there are no noticeable differences at first contact with the two types – producers and non-producers- to the home business industry. According to Vince Reed this would quickly change based on the characteristics of the two types.

The home business industry success indicators

He talked about the results of the producers and non-producers in the home business industry based on their characteristics.  Each of the two types are assessed on four factors:-

1. Non Boosters vs Boosters (Action takers vs non-action takers)

Mr Vince Reed observed that the people that talked the most about their successes in business almost never got good results. They usually produce the least. This is a view held by another giant in the industry – Daegan Smith. On the other end of the spectrum, the non-boosters do not waste time talking about their success – true or imagined – they take action!

The home business industry success indicators

Producers understand the importance of time sensitive contents. They are aware that positioning themselves and their products in front of the client at the right time is Critical. Once the producers in the home business industry realize their product is a solution to other peoples’ problems, they quickly position their businesses. They become  invaluable resources to the market place.

The home business industry success indicators

2. Mission Oriented vs No-Mission

The mission oriented or simply the producers as Vince Reed referred to this group in the home business industry, are highly focused individuals. They don’t allow anything to derail them from their mission – no distractions whatsoever. Producers have their mission statements, vision and goals written down. Their attention and energies are directed to accomplishing the task before them.

The home business industry success indicators

On the other hand the boosters or non-producers cannot focus. They are easily distracted.  Most non-producers don’t have their mission statement, vision and goals documented. In consequence therefore, they don’t have focus.

3. Ability to take responsibility vs Blaming everything and anything but self

In the home business industry as with any other business, the ability to man up and take responsibility for one’s actions are in direct proportion to the skills and knowledge acquired and applied. This group of people have eliminated their right to excuses.

The home business industry success indicators

The non producers in the industry can only blame their tools and friends where there is nothing to grasp. In place of results they offer only excuses.

4. The right mindset vs wrong mindset!

The producers in the home business industry are discerning. They know that finding a role model that they can learn and grow from is critical to their success. Producers realize that attending live events in the home business industry arena with like-minded people is their biggest chance of meeting up with the greats of the industry. Networking with a leader in one’s niche  in a home business industry event may result in fruitful relationships. These networkings could have a live changing and far reaching effect on businesses. The producers understand that the mentors are the vessels that will help them develop the traits and right mindset needed to be successful.

The home business industry success indicators

Across section of the attendees at one of the many sessions of the Titanium Mastermind recently concluded at the Sheraton hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on the 27th Sept. to 1st Oct., 2013

Yes, you guessed it. The non-producers couldn’t care one way or the other about events. Their only concern is the amount of money they have to spend, so the money develops wings and flies away.


In closing Mr Vince Reed said, take these four things – Ability to take massive action at the right time, focus, the ability to say “the buck stops here!” and of course understanding the power of live events and taking action , and see where you stand!.

In this treatise of the success indicators of the home business industry, I would like to acknowledge Mr Vince Reed of MITS who spoke on these issues in a video. I have looked at the issues from a different angle but essentially the same ideas.

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