Make money online by creating your own blog.

Most would-be bloggers have heard on the grapevine that you can blog to make money online. While this statement is true for some, most bloggers will not make any money online from blogging. This has to do with the various expectations of the would-be bloggers that are not streamlined with what blogging really entails.

Blog to make money online

Blog to make money

What does one need, to start a blog to make money online?

Most of us jump into the arena of blogging without carefully planning what to blog to make money online. There are so many millions of blogs out there all competing for a place on the first page of Google for the precious little amount of targeted traffic available per keyword.

Some are competing for the very 1st position on the first page of Google, about 30% of all the targeted traffic for the keyword is sent to the 1st position. If your aim is to blog to make money online, then you need to be organized and focused and to a large extent, consistent.

What to blog and make money online.

This is a trillion dollar question. What are the topics that interest you, topics you love very much, so your thoughts flow enabling you to create several articles from these topics and not ever suffer your audience to boredom. Boring your audience will have the undesirable and militating effect of severing you from your goal to blog to make money online.

Blog to make money online

The steps you need to take when blogging

It is, therefore, to your advantage to choose your topics carefully, researching each topic to find out what your audience are dying to hear. If you write on topics that you love but have not covered the clients’ angle, and what they want to hear, you might lose their readership and your ability to blog to make money online.

Choosing Your Blogging Platform to blog to make money online

To start with to blog to make money online, you will need to pick a blogging platform that installs easily yet sophisticated enough for the inclusion of all the widgets and plugins necessary to give your blog the look and feel of professionalism. There are many blogging platforms out there, and most will give you the sophistication but are not easy to install.

From my experience, to blog to make money online you need a platform that has the capability of having the “make money” part of it already built-in. The BLOGGER is such a platform and the vendor are Google. The beauty of it is that it is FREE.

Blog to make money online

The simplicity of the blogging platform, often will give you the momentum you need

I believe the sheer simplicity of the blogger threw me off the first time I started blogging. My mentor gave me the URL saying create an account and start blogging. I was done with my first post and all in 20 minutes.

There are of course other platforms for blogging that are highly sophisticated and make excellent blogs. An example that easily comes to mind is WordPress blogs. As a newbie, you would need a lot of tutorials, to configure a WordPress blog satisfactorily, but the results when you blog to make money online are memorable.

Blog to make money online

Bloggers boost web traffic, as they grow a steady following.

There are other content management systems like Drupal and Joomla which are free and open source like WordPress. Joomla is said to be Mobile ready. I cannot stress the importance of using the right platform enough. Stick with the platform that is simple to install and start. There are benefits in using any of the four above, and from the standpoint of view of benefits alone, I would pick the Blogger.

The very short list of content management systems above is by far not exhaustive. There are many more CMS, but some are not open source and cost some. For those looking for a whole lot more and the ability to execute their business vision from one interface, Adobe is the king in content management systems.

If you are looking to build your business on Adobe’s expansive content management systems then go to this online hosted application to get started

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