“How can I make money online?” is a question many would be online marketers are asking. before the advent of the internet, it used to be that you took time to study or understudy someone in the career you were interested in. If you were a genius you would drop out, create something out of the ordinary and become famous with loads of money.

make money online

So you think you can make money online?

“How can I  make money online” is a heart cry and has  brought you to my blog, which is a good thing. To make money online is not very different from the scenario I just painted above. It is easy to make money online: Pay attention and be a student of THE PEOPLE GETTING RESULTS.

Become like the genius above, failing that become AN AUTHORITY.
Be yourself, don’t let people try to make you what you are not. In other words, do not become irrelevant. You need to give your customers direction. In order to make money online, you have to become an authority through writing compelling content that attracts and in turn retains customers.

Content Creation.

To make money online you obviously have perspectives that are valuable and useful to others. Buyers on the internet are increasingly more savvy, very sensitive and highly discerning in order to make smart buying decisions.

make money online

Your content can be written word or video or just audio etc.

Your content therefore should reflect an expression of your internal value. To make money online requires the employment of your passions. What are you passionate about? what did you study at college? Are people looking for the knowledge you have? You need to go out there and find out what questions your prospective customers are asking. Using, Alexa, and other search engines find the answers to the questions as well.

What format would be most effective in the presentation of the valuable information you have that would make money online? By this I mean, if you give people valuable information that they are searching for in ways that would entertain them, then you would make money online.

make money online

You need to attract customers to your content

On the other side of the coin is traffic. Good content creates traffic. To make money online you need traffic, period!. So what is good content? Whatever is popular particularly on youtube in your niche. Look online for what is getting traffic. What is trending! Subscribe to people that are creating content and getting traffic. Study them!

make money online

You need to be able to attract, convert and retain customers

Present your content in your blogs or Authority sites, as videos on youtube/ and on your blog. Videos are very powerful. In creating your videos be very entertaining because when people like you, they want to be involved in whatever you are doing. It enables you to build relationships with people without even talking with them, aiding you to make money online.

To make money online create content daily and then focus on ” target=”_blank” rel=”no follow”>MARKETING.

If you are like most of us that have turned to the internet to make money online, then you obviously do not have a lot of cash to spare. The fastest road to becoming an AUTHORITY in your niche is by blogging daily.

make money online

It may take a bit long to get results but success is like the light at the end of the tunnel

Even though I said blogging is the fastest road when cash is in short supply, it may take up to six months of consistently blogging daily to see results. It is still the method of choice for me and many others. If done correctly, you are setting up yourself to make money online indefinitely.

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