Just at the point where I was about to start this blog I also was becoming a grandma. I had to travel to the States to welcome my first grandson. Becoming a grandma to be and also an aspiring blogger to be I had to make a choice! My grandson’s birth is only once but blogging?? Important? Yes, but can start any time.

Suffering sea horses would not have kept me away from his birth. I was so excited. The feeling at the birth of a grandchild is so totally different from the birth of one’s own children. To sit on the fence, for me becoming a grandma is like obtaining a second degree.

Becoming a grandma

My Grandson, some minutes after he was born

For one thing, the pain, anxiety and the enormous emotions the young mother goes through is not present in becoming a grandma. One is able to prayerfully and joyfully watch the miracle of bringing another human into the world. A slight correction here, I was not in the delivery room!, thank God for that.

Becoming a grandma robbed me of my normal gentle and unselfish mannerism. I was simply unable to tear myself away from my grandson, and boy! Was my daughter-in-law accommodating? O yes!!. I must have done something good in my life when I was a child. Unknowingly, becoming a grandma made me monopolize my grandson. No excuse!

In the US of A, young mothers have to get back to work just after three months or more appropriately, they have a three month maternity leave.


If they somehow have to start their leave a month before the birth of the baby, then they go back to work after just two months. It must be heart wrenching for the mothers to tear themselves away from their very new born babies.

In Canada, where I live, mothers have a one year maternity leave on 50% of their normal salaries. Now at first glance, the Canadian experience seems to be more attractive. The young Mom gets to spend time with her infant for a whole year bonding.

The American children whose Moms have to go to work, just tackle the art of socializing both with their peers and care givers a bit sooner than their Canadian counterparts. Imagine at one year of age and a very proud Mom takes her year old to daycare!!

The scene would be totally different from taking a three month old to same place. This is really a hurdle you scale when you get there. I am not advocating one age over the other but just getting you to visualize the difference in their behaviours. This is what becoming a grandma is. More relaxed, a grandma is able to make informed and rational decisions.

Most three month olds are not particular about who carries them or cares for them for that matter. A one year old on the other hand has had her senses exercised. Even then there are still differences. Trust me a grandma should know! Some children will just walk in and become the stars, while others will refuse to go in, wailing instead.

I recently was discussing this issue with another new grandparent. It brought back fond memories for him. He was five when his mother took him to school for the first time. He trudged behind his Mom until they got to the school, then the Mom bade him goodbye and proceeded to walk back to her home.

When she got to the front of her home she met a neighbour and was telling the lady excitedly that she was just coming back from taking her first son to school. Perplexed, the lady blurted out, “which first son, is it the one behind you”

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