About Me

My name is Faith Ene, I live and work in Canada. The fire that is burning in me is to help the many internet marketers who desire to make money online but do not know how and become disappointed.

If you are among this group of people, there is no shame in failing, to succeed you may have to fall several times but you know you are a WINNER when  you continually pick yourself up each time and try another way. If you believe this then read on.

I Would really like to help you to chart your way through the maze of Internet marketing scenario to make sense of what it is, what you bring to it and what you expect to get from it.

In the process, I would help you set up your  business and increase your chances of making profits online.

I offer some Internet Marketing services and solutions like business offers that have been tried and tested and Social Network marketing for your business.

I encourage you to start those practises that would establish you as an authority in your chosen field/ or area online.

I also offer SEO  advice and back linking services that will enable your websites attain better ranking in the search engines.

I also offer my own original Private Label Rights products, that you can sell for 100% profits.

My aim in doing the above is to help as many internet marketers as possible to start making money online.  let me tell you my story.

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Canada. I had never worked for anyone else but myself. I looked around for something to do that would not need too long a time to become profitable. I found none in the brick and mortar arena. The internet was my next searching ground.


It was easy to be carried away by the claims of marketers that their software would make you rich overnight as if by magic. This is made easy by the share amount  of information of all kinds out there. Most suffer from information overload, I did.


I joined MLMs, network marketing, internet marketing clinics. All these cost a fortune but no return on the investment. There were not people who were ready to give you information that would take you to the next level.


My situation was made worse as I believed I needed to learn EVERYTHING that made the internet tick. I paid for courses and all of the very expensive courses always fell short of something I needed to seal some concept or principle. It was absolutely frustrating.


In 2011, I came to my “aha!!” moment. It took almost five years and several tens of thousands in debt for me to arrive at this most important state.


I made some very profound decisions, and proved to myself first that it is possible to make money online and secondly it is possible to make loads of money online without misleading people to part with their hard earned money in exchange for a software without value.


It was clear to me that I had to follow a well laid out set of processes that could be scaled up if they were successful. These did not require any “money making” software as I was made to believe when I started out. CORRECTION: As I choose to believe!!


Having been through all the failure online, I am in a position to diagnose what is keeping you from making money online and prescribing treatment before even showing you HOW to succeed online. Also I can help you prophylactically to avoid the pitfalls and pains.


Thank you for reading and talk soon


Faith Ene

Cell Phone: +1-306-501-6107 – call me if you really need help

Regina, SK . Canada.