Be inspired by the collection of original money making business ideas that will add some peculiar and unique boost to your online money making business ventures.

In the very near future, I will also feature some personal online business success journeys  and some really down to earth make money online business TIPS.

Right off the bat, these ideas do not in any way negate the need to do proper market research into your areas of interest.

They are meant to give you inspiration to help you pinpoint your passions or put more succinctly,  what you maybe good at and knowledgeable in.screenshot_template

That said, Enjoy!


Here at, we strive to provide our customers and friends with skills, tools and the courage they need to start an online business and or the confidence to take your business to the next level.

To get your business off to a right start, we hope you will take advantage of the businesses described , the strategies and business building campaigns exposed here. has what it takes to make your business start-up a success and and to take your businesses to greater heights.


The Bible tells a story about foundations, which is true in all situations. If you build a house on shifting sand with poor foundation then when a tornado.5 comes the house will go down with the force of the winds. On the other hand if the house is built on solid foundation on rock, then the tornados, the hurricanes would come and the house will be left standing.

Before proceeding please define your WHY.

What are your dreams? What taunts you every waking moment of the day? If everything else were in place what would you do, Put another way, ‘what would you do if you could? If time and money were not an issue, what would you most likely be doing? Click here for more information

How much money do I want to make?

What do we need in our family presently? A home?, Retirement? Car,  Savings for children’s education? Vacations?

What are the features I would like to see in an opportunity?

Now lets take the very first question, What is your WHY?

Discover this secret that is inside of you and you are on your way to the races. It is crucial that you identify your BIG why. You obviously will like to know why it is so important that you know your why. One reason is that when the going gets tough a lot of people just give up! Yes it is true. They just rationalize it in their minds that they were managing before and it did not kill them. Where as if you take the time to dig deep into your self asking why you need to be an online marketer and locating the reasons and why this route is the most probable one to take you to your dreams, then when the going gets tough, you will draw inspiration from your previously answered WHY and keep on going until you achieve your goals.
WRITE down your why and put it where you would see it easily like beside your bed, in your washroom and if you are a gal on your make-up mirror.

How Does My WHY Differ From My Goals?

The reason why you are doing something does encompass your goals but it is a larger picture than your goals. Let me use myself as an example, I started marketing online because my BIG WHY is to make enough money for my retirement before I reach the age of retirement as I had missed saving money for the said purpose in my youth and 40s. My goal is to make $20K a month for the next 10 years to enable me pay off my debts and at the same time save up for my retirement.

Define Your Goal Properly

This is very crucial! Not only should you define your goal AND DOCUMENT IT, you have to break it down into workable numbers. Write your goals down in clear workable modules. For instance, my goal is to make $20K monthly and there are four weeks in a month so I need to make $5K in a week and there are 5 working days in a week, then I must make $1K a day for the five working days in a week. And of course you have to write the vehicle that would carry you to your goals. By this I mean the work to be done!
You then need to concentrate your efforts on the money making chores you have identified. If a chore is not generating cash, do it last. If marketing for instance is what generates cash, then allocate enough time to it and do it first.
Have a TO-DO-LIST everyday. Actually write your TO-DO-LIST for tomorrow last thing before you close from your work and place it in a prominent place on your work table.


Do not prioritize only in your work ethics as shown above but also in those stuff you want to get for yourself and family. Have a TO ACCOMPLISH LIST as well only this time you are listing those things you need to get for your family in the order of their importance to you and your family.  Vacations, A Home, children’s education, retirement. Not in this order but in that which would make sense to you.


These would greatly depend on your dreams? What you look for in an opportunity will be moulded by what the circumstances in your life had been, what keeps you awake every  moment of the day? If everything else were in place what would you do, Put another way, ‘what would you do if you could?large_banner11 If time and money were not an issue, what would you most likely be doing? If you have had a problem that you have managed to overcome, then your story will resonate with people who are still in the process of finding answers. The business that would suit you the most will be one that is either providing services to help people overcome or creating and providing products for same purpose. To be assured of success you must be knowledgeable and be able to display a certain amount of expertise in any given area you are interested in.
There are numerous opportunities out there, most are genuine legal businesses but not all are guaranteed to make you money. If you are not careful, you will loose a great deal of money and eventually give up

Will you leave the shinny objects alone if you were told most of them are not meant for newbies or would you leave them alone if you were told most don’t lead anywhere?

With that said, click on the link below to access the members area where I have classified the  offers into what newbies can start with just to wet their toes and what intermediate marketers or former newbies can graduate into and finally the offers that require the abilities of the more experienced.

What Do You Get By Becoming A Member Of



With that heading above, you will agree with me that we have to keep at whatever we are doing learning from our failures but not stubbornly sticking to them until we start seeing success then we can then scale up.

In simple less complicated terms, the idea here is to find what you like to do, break it down into workable fractions and then proceed to do it. Remove what is not working and tweak others to make them work and still scale up the ones that are working. IT MEANS WHEN YOU START YOUR BUSINESS< TEST> everything.

Lets take a look at the processes you require to create to get your business rolling. To start your business online, you need to be aware of how the internet works.  You do not necessarily need a website to do business online. I will however assume here that you want to do business online through a website or websites. So that done,

  1. Why go into online business?
  2. Setting your goals both financial and personal
  3. What kind of business should you do online?
  4. Would you need a business structure for your business? i.e. A sole proprietorship or…
  5. Whatever country you reside in be aware of the tax laws regarding the business structure you chose.
  6. Prepare and write your business plan.
  7. In your sales and marketing, explain what you are selling, product or service, your marketing techniques and advertising to get targeted traffic etc
  8. How much capital do you need to start?
  9. Keep good records

What I have written above should not take more than half a day to put together, then  you need to address your education.

The internet is very noisy at the best of times. Everybody wants to be heard, there are so many apps, courses, tutorials, software and what have you that are mostly genuine but might not have a bearing on what you are about to do online.

The only way to avoid these is to carefully write out your goals again, break them down into smaller objectives that tells you what your identifiable/measurable result will be at the end of each action.

If you fail to take this step you will be going round in circles in the internet fascinated by every new shiny object presented to you. Isolate the areas of knowledge you think are critical to your success online, then locate through search those ones that are not spinned second hand content and start your education.

In the meantime, educate yourself on the best practises for choosing a domain name and register one or as many as you would like. while you are at it also get web hosting. Make sure you pay for your web hosting seeing this is your business. You want to be able to hold someone responsible if there is trouble.

More to come soon


If you do not know how to install WordPress, then the tutorial below should give you an IDEA. Enjoy!

How To Setup WordPress Video Tutorial Series


WordPress Guide





1. Have Google AdSense On The Pages Of Your Website

Google Adsense is a free online program,  publishers use to make money online. Online publishers will write their content on their website and choose to display relevant Google advertisements alongside their online content. They earn when a lead or prospect clicks on the advertisement on the web page..

2. Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank is an online marketplace of digital information products. You can become a vendor or join other affiliate programs for free and start marketing the many products in the marketplace for a commission.

3. Set Up Continuity Programs

A continuity program refers to a site where one earns a recurring income from people who subscribe to a service you offer. Such programs are typically membership sites that generate monthly income from the members who are a part of a program.

4. Selling Ad Spaces On Your Website

Run advertisement campaigns on your site for private advertisers who want to promote their product or services on your website. This includes ad sales of the 125 x 125 ads or other advertisements featuring different ad dimensions.

5. Chitika

Chitika is like Google Adsense. It offers publishers & advertisers user targeted, search targeted, mobile and local ads for websites, blogs, apps and mobile sites.Traditionally, the Chikita ads have worked best on product related blogs.  Their Premium ad units convert well on a wider range of blogs.

6. Become An Amazon Associate is like a supermarket that sells all kinds of things. The only difference is that all transactions happen online and items purchased are shipped directly to the where the consumer prefers. Becoming an associate with them means that you can help them promote their products through your own website and advertising fees can be earned from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.

7. Connect Offline Suppliers with Online Buyers

Many offline product suppliers or service providers still do not have an online presence and are hence missing out on a lot of business. Most of these suppliers do not have the technical know-how

to set up a website and sell their stuff online. Here’s where you can help them get online and earn referral fees.

8. Provide Writing Services

Other webmasters or sites are willing to pay for your articles or blog posts. Outsourcing has grown big online and online business owners are always looking for free lancers who are willing to help them write in return for some compensation. If you can write, provide your writing service to make money online.

9. Freelance Services

You can offer professional expertise in an online marketplace in return for compensation.  For example Elance, oDesk and others.  Online business owners use free lancers to help in areas such as programming, coding, writing, consulting and design.

10. Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are likened to being a secretary but everything is done online. As a virtual assistant, you might do transcription services or anything from making travel reservations to handling expense reimbursements to paying bills to arranging for a dog sitter.  You can do all these from your own home office, interacting with your clients online and by phone. You also need a lot of discipline

11. Become An Expert In WordPress

WordPress has in recent years become the online content management system used by most business owners or individuals. Hence there is huge market waiting for you when you become an expert in WordPress. There are people and companies looking to hire those who understand and can manipulate the software, to help in maintaining their blogs or websites.

12. Are you a techie? sell your services!

Are you a techie? Online business owners and companies often outsource most of the technical nitty-gritty to other people while they concentrate on growing their business. Most examples of such tasks involve the use of a particular software. The more niche and more complex/annoying/frustrating the software, the better! Even if the software company offers free installation, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars training business owners or their employees on software usage.

13. Package and sell the advice and points of view of experts in the industry. 

If you can understand a pain that people are experiencing,  formulate questions that would guide an expert, then go interview an expert, and ask the expert the questions in the area that the people are experiencing problems and have the expert give advice, people will want to buy it to know how to cure their pain.